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Nous sommes tres fiers d’avoir la chance d’apprendre les Technique Bonsai Japonaise avec le Grand Maitre David Easterbrook pour plus que 25 ans. 🙏

Bonsai is an Art that can transcend Time and Space. It was offered 600 years ago to Emperors in China. Then the monks brought this to Japan and it was cultivated in this country ever-since but with quite different rules and styles. 

Speaking of rules and styles from Japan, we were very fortunate to learn this Art over 25 years from one of the best Grand Master Bonsaiists of Canada, David Easterbrook. He had devoted most of his lifetime to take care of the Montreal Botanical Garden especially the Japanese Bonsai Collection. He is famous for the Natural and Dynamic but Fluid Movement of the Bonsai Expression.

I remember being in wonder when we first bought a few of his bonsais and could not wait for the next lesson to learn more and be able to buy more from him. It has been 25 years, we are still learning and when we had no more space for more of his bonsais, we thought of selling so...we now share it with you.

So please remember

-Bonsai is not a small cutting. It should follow the rules of bonsai. I am referring to the positions of the branches.

-It is the particular kind of tree that was chosen by generations of bonsaiists not just any tropical plant.

-The soil should support the training of the bonsai roots.

-The settings of the bonsai tree should be done in a professional way,otherwise it is just a small tropical plant growing in a bonsai pot.

-Some bonsai are not for indoor. Please check to make sure it survives.Juniper is one of the very controversial subject. In any Master's Collection, you often find Juniper Shimpaku but this one is mainly for Outdoor. It grows very well for us with a few months with night at 4C for Winter dormancy.

With the above simple observations, you will be spared from the non-professional seller with no training about bonsai.

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Join us for a memorable bonsai trip.